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1.30pm-3.30pm 23-04-2017 Country Sounds with Steven Lynch
10.30pm-12 Midnight 23-04-2017 Into the night with Pat Burns
10am-11am 23-04-2017 The Farming Show with Mark McConnell
11am-12.30pm 23-04-2017 Easy Listening with Jimmy Hendry
12.30pm-1.30pm 23-04-2017 The Sunday Supplement Show with Mark McCollum & Dora T
3.30pm-4.30pm 23-04-2017 Chat Show with Robert McNaught
4.30pm-6pm 23-04-2017 Darren Browne
6pm-7pm 23-04-2017 Rock N Roll with Geordie
7.05pm-7.15pm 23-04-2017 Job Slot for the weekend of 22-23-04 2017
7.15-7.30pm 23-04-2017 The Bickersons - performed by the Castlefinn Drama Group
7.30pm-9.30pm 23-04-2017 On The Stage Under The Spotlight with Kevin Furey
8am-10am 23-04-2017 Breakfast with Dot McLucas
9.30pm-10.30pm 23-04-2017 Jazz Hour with John Trotter