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1-2pm 03-12-2016 Music & Craic with Mickey Mac!
1.30-3.30pm 04-12-2016 Afternoon Country with Steven Lynch
10-11am 04-12-2016 The Farming programme presented by Mark McConnell
10-12pm 03-12-2016 Annemarie's Magazine Programme
10.30-12am 04-12-2016 Country Requests with Paddy Corrigan
10.30pm 03-12-2016 Past bedtime Robert McNaught
11-1230pm 04-12-2016 Presenters Choice with Jimmy Hendry
12-12.30pm 03-12-2016 Eamonn McIntyre History Show
12.30-1.30pm 04-12-2016 The Sunday Supplement with Joe Gallagher & Brian Hasson
12.30-1pm 03-12-2016 Martin Harran's focus on Finn Valley Community Organisations
2-3pm 03-12-2016 Talk Show with Hugh McLean(This weeks special guest is Rosaleen Moore)
3-5pm 03-12-2016 Afternoon Country with Steven Lynch
3.30-4.30pm 04-12-2016 Sunday Talk show with Robert McNaught
4.30-6pm 04-12-2016 Geordie's Sunday Selection
5-6pm 03-12-2016 The Irish Programme with Black Jack
6-7.30pm 03-12-2016 The Lastest chart music with Darren Browne
6.05-7pm 04-12-2016 Presenters Choice with Nix McElroy
6pm 04-12-2016 A Thought for your Day with Fr Frankie Lynch
7.05-7.30pm 04-12-2016 Sports Roundup with Paul McClay
7.30-8.30pm 03-12-2016 A musical journey of Folk & Irish Ballads hosted by Kevin Furey
7.30-9.30pm 04-12-2016 On The Stage Under The Spotlight with Kevin Furey Best of Irish & American Country
7pm 04-12-2016 Gospel Corner with Stephen Richmond
8-10am 03-12-2016 Breakfast with Joe Gallagher
8-10am 04-12-2016 Breakfast with Paul McClaymp3
8.30-10.30pm 03-12-2016 Pat Burns Saturday Country
9.30-10.30pm 04-12-2016 The Jazz Hour with John Trotter